Photo by John Linhart, kino Lucerna, one of the Web Expo hall.

Webexpo 2014 is the greatest web development conference here in Czech Republic. This article are my notes of things which interested me the most. I won't take it chronologically, but I'll leave the most interesting talk to the end.

Security threats on the web

Guys from Avast had the talk about Security threats on the web. Funny was to see how many hands were raised when Avast guys made a ridiculous statement that people thinks that antivirus companies creates viruses to sell more antivirus software.

I have one note from this one, but I think it could have enormous impact on my future.

Cyber ​​crime has a greater turnover than the drug trade.

Thanks to Avast I finally know where to focus my energy after opensource stops being such a great business.

Isomorphic web apps

I saw the speaker Daniel Steigerwald for second or third time. I admire his awareness about JavaScript. His self-confidence not so much.

Daniel was singing ballads about Facebook's React and slandered Google's AngularJS. I wrote a note to take a look at his project Songary he was talking about. I must say that I was disapointed when I did. Maybe he would get far with Angular. But what do I know, I'm not an Javascript expert.

Native HTML5 application

Petr Brzek made an advertisement to his new project. But the idea was quite interesting. They took GitHub's opensource Atom Editor, changed few things and made an PSD editor from it (or whatever his project is).

Podcast about web frontend technologies

There is this lonely note about Brus kodu podcast. I think that's a not from someone I was talking to. It's in Czech. My apologies for the rest of the world.

JS performance

Here are some tips to increase JS performance:

  • for instead of foreach or for ... in
  • do not use jQuery for everything. document.getElementById(id) is x times faster then jQuery(id)
  • do not manipulate with DOM when not necessary, use JS objects for storing data
  • use array.join() instead of 'aaa'+'bbb'
  • do not use pseudo selectors like :visible
  • use detach()
  • this one wasn't part of the presentation, but I've read it today: use jQuery('a').find('span') instead of jQuery('a span')

The rest

There was great talks about SVG, SOLID JS or manual for CSS3 animations.

Travel hacking

By accident I went to workshop led by Petr Novák about travel hacking. This is the interesting talk I was talking about at the beginning of this article. Let's go through my points.

  • Fueldumping - It's travel hacking term. From what I understand, the idea is to pay less for fuel surcharges by adding one more flight which you don't need. I'm sure you'll find much better explanation by googling on Yahoo. It was interesting to hear about it, but my interest calmed down when Petr said it requires a lot of time to find such flights.

  • Portals where to look for flight tickets:,

  • Buy&Fly - Go with suitcase to some bussy airport like Frankfurt and buy some expensive package tour for much less price. The reason is that some customers of travel agencies doesn't show up so they want to fill the place.

  • If you are planning to live somewhere for longer time, look at live expenses to

  • Cookies are the reason why tickets are more expensive when you look at them for second time. Use incognito window to see real price.

  • Quite self-explaining domain name. Traveler needs to spend a night at airport from time to time. What's the best way? Petr was talking about spa or airport chapel.

  • Freemium city tours by Sandemans are pretty good since the guide gets paid at the end and you decide how much he/she deserves.

  • is Czech portal for long train trips.

  • Mobile apps for finding last minute hotel rooms is Hotels Combined or Hotels Tonight. Prices goes down in late evening. Search for registration code and earn 20 EUR credit before registration.

  • Home Exchange and House Carers are community webs to exchange home or pay for accommodation by caring about the place. With Wwoof you can pay for accommodation and food with your work.

  • And of course, there is Couch Surfing and Airbnb.

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