There is a great discussion in the freelance community about how to calculate the price of a project. The value-based pricing is definitely worth consideration. But it doesn't fit all projects. Some freelancers doesn't have the guts to offer the value-based pricing to his/hers client. I may be one of them.

I used to be a freelance developer a few years now. Here is my idea of hourly pricing.

Project cost / Pricing calculator

Do you agree? If I forgot something, some red flag, for example, let me know at Twitter. Or clone my calculator and create your version. Here is version from Eric Holter.

Another red flag could be when there is missing some 'Hello' of 'Hi' in the email from a client. But usually, when a client doesn't say Hi, he/she doesn't sign himself/herself as well. So let's say I summed it up in the signature red flag. Similar are typos in the email. I didn't want to make the calculator too long.

Have I mention that Calculoid is a service to create your own pricing calculator and place it to your website? A customer can calculate and pay directly the calculated amount.

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